WW3000纯英文词汇课 G6 - Part B [Practice & Application]

WW3000纯英文词汇课 G6 - Part B [Practice & Application]

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老师:Eddie Goh

时间: 每个周四,6.30pm to 8pm  
上课时段: 05/01/2023 - 01/06/2023
总共 20堂课(1个学期)
适合:  10岁到15岁学生 



Wordly Wise 3000 G6 Online Class (Build Vocabulary in a fun & Engaging Way)


Eddie Goh attained his Bachelor's in Communication, majoring in media studies and minoring in Journalism. Creative Writing and International Studies at Monash University. He then qualified for NIE, where he attained his Post graduate diploma in education and served as an English teacher with MOE, Singapore. Teacher Eddie taught English Language, English Literature and Drama for 11 years, having interacted with students or varying learning calibres, he soon became and advocate of Differentiated Learning. 

Eddie 老师
  • 澳大利亚蒙纳士大学学士学位
  • 新加坡国立教育学院教育学研究生文凭
  • 曾在新加坡MOE教育部担任英文老师11年,经验非常丰富
  • 擅长英语词汇语法写作、英语文学和戏剧



  • 欢迎更多孩子加入到专业词汇的学习中去。每节课都是以15个单词为主题,进行详细的讲解、拓展以及练习,因此,每节课都相对独立,可以随时加入,错过的直播课也将提供全程回播。好的课程能够经受住大众以及专业的考验,勇敢的展示在大家面前。
  • 老师的助威声+动感的音乐声,孩子们在紧张又刺激的练习中积极寻找着答案
  • 谁能想到一节课整整90多分钟下来,很多孩子都突然惊讶到,怎么已经下课了吗?!第一节课,老师就凭着专业和幽默吸引了众多小朋友,突然间路人转粉的感觉有没有?!
  • 老师除了专业,还特别有热情,即使是每一个中场的休息时间,都在积极的回答同学们的各种问题!!~(一般在这种时候,大部分老师也是趁机休息喝杯茶,放个youtube那该有多轻松啊,可是Eddie老师不!~他在很努力的回答孩子们的提问!)孩子们的各种问题也可谓千奇百怪,可是老师学问渊博,能够一一接招!



  • 迅速提升英文词汇
  • 通过阅读理解拓展词汇应用
  • 为写作积累画龙点睛的词语

Why is Wordly Wise 3000 so effective in improving vocabulary?

  • Mastering a good range of vocabulary greatly helps with reading comprehension and writing.
  • However, many teachers have limited in-class time to devote exclusively to vocabulary.
  • Tenopy's Wordly Wise 3000 vocabulary live online class combines great teaching with top curriculum

Wordly Wise 3000 G6
(A word-class curriculum to help maximise your child's potential)

Practice makes perfect. The Wordly Wise i3000 Practice and Application Package offers your child the opportunity to consolidate what he/she has learned.Teacher Eddie will guide your children as they take a deep-dive analysis on the written exercises connected to the vocabulary that was covered in the most recent Wordly Wise lessons. Students will get a chance to understand why certain answers make linguistic sense, while others do not, thereby enhancing their skills in both written and verbal communication.On top of that, these lessons will also teach students basic comprehension skills, a vital component of your child’s English education.

Who is suitable to join?
(The start of a fruitful learning journey)
This programme is suitable for students in the age range of 10 - 15 years old.

Class information
Ready to join the fun?
The Wordly Wise 3000 G6 Live online classes are held every Thursday from 6.30pm to 8pm. With 20 sessions, the live online class is priced at RM 488 (Original Price).

Video playback will be available after every session so that students can catch up and revise what they have learned in class.

The  Wordly Wise 3000 G6 Live online class is brought to you by Tenopy, the leading Education tech company in Singapore providing live online tutoring classes.

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