5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)
5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)

5年级英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)

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5年级 英文理解+写作线上补习班 2.0 (2021)

老师:Teacher Claris

时间:Sunday, 3.00pm to 4.15pm

1个学期= 15堂课 = 大约4个月



English course outlines 

  • Grammar - subject verb agreement/ comparative and superlative adjectives/ conjunction/ preposition/ tenses/ articles/ punctuation/ countable and uncountable noun etc
  • Idioms / similes/ collective noun
  • Comprehension - answering technique
  • Vocabulary for nouns, verbs, adjectives ,nice phrases
  • Write a suitable response for each picture or situation
  • Transfer of information
  • Writing practice - email / letter / message
  • Essay writing - based on picture and key words given
  • Reading aloud
  • Listening skill
  • Thinking skill for HOTs questions


Note : This package does not include marking service due to time constraint. However, those who has genuine need for marking service may contact  teacher  for further arrangement.



😊上过 Teacher Claris 老师的课,我包你晚上睡觉做梦都会笑。因为老师非常幽默,课堂中常穿插一些笑话,抓住孩子们的注意力。


😊Teacher Claris和蔼可亲又有耐心,每次都会鼓励孩子回答,而且她准备的练习符合课程纲要。上课时,她也鼓励小朋友朗读句子,她也尝试多用英语耐心解释,小朋友很容易明白。

😊 Teacher Claris 很有耐心,会一题一题的让学生轮流做答,过后加以解释。我的孩子刚䃼第一课开始就要我在身旁陪着䃼习,可是补了几堂后就可以自己独立的进行线上补习。现在他很愿意也和极及的上线补习,谢谢老师帮他建立信心和动力。

Introduction to Teacher Claris:

Teacher Claris graduated from National University of Malaysia and she is very passionate in teaching and education. Helping children to learn and transform to be a better person gives her a sense of purpose in life.


 Since the first lock down in Mar 2020, she moved her teaching from physical classes to online.  She supported hundreds of  students via online learning for the past one year during the pandemic. Generally, her sessions are interactive as she is a firm believer in student centered learning methodology.   She is able to communicate effectively with students from different personality and background. She loves to inspire students to learn and always encourage active participation from them.


 Teacher Claris is a mother of two children. She personally coached her children especially when they were in primary school in order to build strong foundation in education. Both of  them  achieved straight As for UPSR. Subsequently, her elder daughter and younger son obtained 9As and 10As respectively for SPM. For tertiary education, her daughter also obtained First Class Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and she is currently pursuing her Master Degree in Engineering.


 Teacher Claris emphasizes on the importance of mastering English language as it is one of the most widely used language in tertiary education, corporate world and global arena. Besides, T. Claris likes to align the students mindset on the importance in developing soft skill such as leadership, communication, self discipline, self confidence and team work which are essential for future success. She loves to inject some of these discussions and inspire the students to be forward looking in life.



每一次现场直播教学课程的视频都会录制下来,缺席的学生和想温习的学生都可以看重播温习,加深记忆力。录制的视频💯% 跟直播一样。所以,如果上课当天孩子有事不能参与,都不会错过课程,一样可以看重播学习。


我们的直播补习班让你家孩子安心在家健康学习,💯%安全。你还可以在家监督孩子的学习态度,清清楚楚👀知道孩子在学什么,有空时还可以坐住一起👩‍👧👩‍👦上课。Haha, 与孩子一起当学生,学习新知识,促进彼此亲子关系。

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Teacher Claris 是一个温柔又善良又尽责的老师,每次孩子有困难是她都会细心及用心的辅导孩子。除此之外,她也会布置一些游戏让孩子开心。虽然是上网课但老师也会细心地教导。她也会一直鼓励孩子让他们更有信心,勇敢地往前进。