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关于 / About SchoolBuddy

SchoolBuddy是一个位于马来西亚的网上学习平台。 我们的服务包括中小学和独中的网上补习班,以及商业学习课程。至今为止,我们的专业老师和导师每一年都会提供超过2000场直播课程。


SchoolBuddy is a virtual live learning and tuition platform in Malaysia. Our services include live tuition for primary, secondary and independent school students, as well as courses for commercial purposes. We offer over 2000 live classes every year, conducted by our professional tutors and coaches.

SchoolBuddy focuses on helping students all over Malaysia to regain their passion in learning and to eventually score good grades in their exams. With more than 4000 students registered to date, and more than 20 certified tutors and coaches, SchoolBuddy can provide a brand new learning experience for students in Malaysia!


SchoolBuddy的由来 / The Origin of SchoolBuddy

SchoolBuddy是由Boey和Su Shyan老师于2019成立,2020年正式投入运作。凭借Su Shyan老师在教育界的专业知识和经验,加上Boey在软件和系统上的规划和提升,SchoolBuddy在短期内受到广大家长和学生的支持。

在SchoolBuddy正式成立之前,Boey和Su Shyan老师是完全不认识,也没见过一面。有一天,正在筹备网上教学平台的Boey在Facebook上看到Su Shyan老师的空中教室教学,发现他和Su Shyan老师分享的教学方式和理念完全一致,直觉告诉他Su Shyan老师就是他一直以来要找的合作伙伴。然后通过一通25分钟的电话,就这样敲定了他们的合作。


SchoolBuddy was founded in 2019 by Boey and Teacher Su Shyan, and officially put into operation in 2020. Relying on Teacher Su Shyan's professional knowledge and experience in the education industry, as well as Boey's knowledge in software and system development, SchoolBuddy managed to get the support of parents and students in a short time.

Before SchoolBuddy was formally established, Boey and Teacher Su Shyan did not know each other, and they had never met. When Boey was planning an online teaching platform (SchoolBuddy) years ago, he came across a sharing from Teacher Su Shyan on Facebook regarding online teaching. The concepts and methods shared by Teacher Su Shyan were exactly the same as Boey’s, and Boey's sixth sense told him that Teacher Su Shyan was the partner he had been looking for. Then, through a 25-minute conversation over the phone, they finalised their partnership.

In the year and a half after SchoolBuddy was founded, both of them still had not met each other. They only communicated over the phone and on Zoom. They proved that even if they could only meet online, they could still create a business together. Effective learning can definitely be carried out online too!


Learn4Free计划 / Program Learn4Free


We have always firmly believed that education can change our destiny, and we have also witnessed many examples. Although we are not a non-profit organisation, we have always adhered to the concept of "Take from society and give back to society" (Chinese proverb). Therefore, we launched the #learn4free program, mainly for children whose parents cannot afford tuition fees, as well as those who are studious and believe that education can help them improve their lives, to attend our online tuition classes for free. If you know any parents or children who really need this plan, please contact us and we will do our best to help them change their destiny with knowledge and education!