Basic Mandarin Speaking Program 2024

Basic Mandarin Speaking Program 2024

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Basic Mandarin Speaking Program 2024


Mandarin has become more and more commonly spoken language. With China experiencing overwhelming growth, its economy is expanding, and China’s popularity is booming, Chinese language skills have become valuable. Companies and individuals tend to require professionals who understand Mandarin Chinese. 

In this program, participants will learn some essential skills to pronounce Chinese syllable accurately. Besides, they will explore many commonly used vocabularies and simple conversations that they can immediately use in daily life settings. 

Learning Outcome

At the end of the 3-month program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize a Chinese syllable and pronounce it.
  • Understand and say some commonly used vocabularies.
  • Construct and converse simple Mandarin sentences.
  • Asking simple questions in Mandarin.
  • Introduce themselves in Mandarin


3-Month program that consists of 20 lessons
Certificate will be provided after 20 lessons with at least 75% attendance.

Monday & Wednesday 8.15pm - 9.30pm
New intake: July 2024

Target Participants

  • People who do not speak Mandarin at all (Beginner level).
  • People who’re interested to learn formal Mandarin speaking skills (Beginner level).
  • People who work in customer service line / hospitality industry that want to learn to speak Mandarin so that they can serve their Chinese customers.
  • People who wish to perform better at work by learning formal Mandarin speaking skills

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Chinese Syllable

  • Learn to pronounce a syllable.
  • Identify syllable initial & final, and pronounce them correctly.
  • Identify and pronounce 4 different tones.

Module 2: Common Courtesy & Greetings

  • Vocabularies of courtesy & greetings
  • Welcoming a guest
  • Simple conversation between a host and a guest

Module 3: Numbers

  • Learn numbers: 1 – 1000,000
  • Simple conversation about phone number in office.
  • Simple conversation about buying and paying for something.

Module 4: Time, Date, Day

  • Learn about hour, minute, second
  • Learn simple conversation about “what is the time now?”
  • Learn to say date, day, and time

Module 5: Conversations between Friends & Families

  • Vocabularies of friends & family
  • Simple conversation between a friend and a family member

Module 6: Asking Questions & Responding to a Question

  • Learn about 5W 1H
  • Sentence structure of a question
  • Sentence structure of answering questions

Module 7: Restaurants, Food & Beverages

  • Vocabularies about food & beverages
  • Simple conversation about “what would you like to eat?”
  • Answering simple questions about food
  • Learn vocabulary about cutleries

Module 8: About Work

  • Vocabularies about work
  • Simple conversation about “where do you work?”
  • Answering simple questions about work or workplace
  • Learn vocabulary about some workplaces

Module 9: Vacations

  • Learn about facilities in hotel.
  • Learn a simple conversation in a tourist attraction spot.

Module 10: Self Introduction

  • Learn some vocabularies to do a self-introduction
  • Learn some examples of self-introduction


The program will enhance participants learning with 

  • Examples of real-life conversation 
  • Practices and exercises & role-plays
  • Practice & assessment

Course Fees

Full course: MYR 1200 / USD 300

Inclusive of

  • 20 virtual classes
  • 1-year access of online training content
  • 1 mid-term assessment & 1 final assessment
  • Certification

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