Partnership Program - 推广大使计划

Welcome to SchoolBuddy Partnership Program and Become Our Ambassador for Free!

欢迎加入SchoolBuddy的Partnership Program,免费成为我们的推广大使!




而SchoolBuddy每一年花费在广告和软件提升的金额是马币5位数。秉持回馈忠实顾客这段日子信任和支持的理念,经过2个月的安排和研发,我们成立了这个Partnership Program!

简单来说,这个Partnership Program就是让各位家长和学生们成为我们SchoolBuddy的推广大使。与其把钱花在广告平台,倒不如回馈给支持我们的家长们。

家长们只需要帮忙介绍其他有兴趣参与SchoolBuddy的家长或学生,就可以获得至少5%的分红。更棒的是,这是一个终身的Partnership Program,只需要介绍一次,你就能获得永久性的分红!


Our data in the past showed that the retention rate of parents at SchoolBuddy exceeds 90%.

In the past year, more than 95% of new parents who joined SchoolBuddy were introduced by other parents.

The amount that SchoolBuddy spends on advertising and software upgrades every year is 5 digits in Ringgit. We always try our best to repay our loyal customers for their trust and support. After 2 months of research and development, we have established this Partnership Program!

Simply put, this Partnership Program allows parents and students to become our SchoolBuddy promotion ambassadors. Instead of spending money on advertisement platforms, it is better to give back to parents who support us.

Parents only need to refer other parents or students to SchoolBuddy and get at least 5% in commission! The best thing is, this is a lifetime partnership program. You only need to refer once, and you get commissions for a lifetime!

Hurry up and watch our introduction video to learn more:


SchoolBuddy Partnership Program Video (Part 2) - Technical Details (参与步骤)

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